What is the Micropasts project


The project (we have received £318,000 for the 18 month duration) is focused on three distinct strands:

  • Crowdsourcing - for this we’re scanning the Bronze Age archive (under supervision from Neil Wilkin) from Frank’s House and we will then be putting the images and text onto a bespoke crowdsourcing platform and we will be attempting to get the public to transcribe the text into preset fields. These data will then go onto the PAS database. We will be getting a high capacity scanner for this project and there might be some paid work available on this section.
  • Crowdfunding - we’ll be looking at crowd- and micro-funding as an academic exercise with several projects identified to see whether the public are interested in funding archaeological research. We’ll be focused on Levantine archaeological archives for this - Petrie and Horsfield for instance.
  • 3D images - we are planning to initiate a programme of 3D imaging using something called structure from motion. It is a simple process involving very little equipment and will produce models we can integrate into the PAS database.

There should not be much impact on your work, if you want to join in with the 3D imaging, please do email me and suggest some objects you would like to scan. Staff have already been appointed for this project at UCL, a collaborator of mine from the Digital Engagement conferences I ran (Chiara Bonacchi) and one of Andy’s former PhD students (Adi Keinan). So some new volunteers will be joining the department - Andy, Rachael, Chiara and Adi.

More details will go onto the website: http://micropasts.org in the next few weeks.