Trouble Uploading Image 1.10.15


Hi there,

I’m having trouble uploading images. But I dont think it is a database think. I get ‘Aw Snap’ message from Chrome saying I may have used too much memory, but I’ve only two tabs open from the database. Any ideas to resolve this? @anon78560318 if you’re at a loose end :wink: :slight_smile:



You probably have a memory leak from chrome, that’s not a database issue. Close all chrome processes via task manager, restart chrome and try again?


@anon78560318 Can I double check I also close down the GPU process whatever that is and the background feedback?!

Thank for your help with this! :smiley:


Close all of those including GPU…


@anon78560318 I had high hopes but it hasn’t made a difference. Any other ideas?!


How big is your image?


Only 5MB… I say only but I thought that was ok for the database.


Have you tried a different browser?


It works in IE albeit slowly. In Chrome I now get this error message…

{ “files”:[ { “error”:[ “fileUploadErrorNoFile” ] } ] }
Warning: pathinfo() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /var/www/ on line 790

Thanks for your help with this Dan.


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