Searching for objects without images from Piercebridge on dbase



I am trying to work out how to write a query to find all objects from Piercebridge without images. There are various tips on the forum which allow you to look for all objects recorded by one user, but multiple volunteers have helped record the Piercebridge assemblage which complicates things a bit.

Any suggestions much appreciated.



1km square around the site and no images search?


Does this work? It attempts Piercebridge parish, no images:


Looks like that works @rwebley - thank you so much.



Great. Let me know if you want it tweaked to show more; hopefully you can just ignore anything extraneous…


That’s fine for my purposes. Just going to do a Piercebridge photography blitz in the next few weeks and this will help tremendously!



@rwebley , can you explain how you did this search as it seems to be quite handy. How do you get the parish number?




Thanks Angie. I don’t know if there are ready lists of these IDs, so I just did a search on that parish using the advanced search form. You can then jot down, or copy, the ID from the URL of the search results. Having got it, just pop in into a search like the one above in the basic search box.


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