Photo Upload Issue


Apologies if this is a silly question, but I can’t figure out what’s happening :sob:

I’m having an issue uploading an image to a record - it’s a TIFF file, 5.14MB and the file name is unique. I keep getting this, even though it’s a brand new image:


I’ve tried restarting the browser in case it was a little glitch but no joy. Any thoughts?


The database doesn’t use TIFF anymore which is likely problem. Everything must be in JPG


Yep, that’s right, but the error message is interesting. What is your username Maria and what was the full name of the file?

Thanks, Steve


Ah, thank you! Usually we use JPEG so that’ll be why I haven’t had the issue before. As an aside, it says we still accept TIFF on here:


Username is mariakneafsey and the file name is DENO-533E66 (D1 Coin), although I tried it with and without the bit in brackets.


We’re in the process of changing that message and also making some changes to what happens when you upload images. @Minakshi has been working on a change which will guarantee uniqueness and allow you to upload anything you like.

Re: this, though, it sounds like a bug and like Jo said, just use JPGs to avoid it. I’ve checked and as you suspected, that file isn’t there at all.


what, like multipage pdfs? Thinking of extra specialist reports etc. is this going to be allowed?


I meant, any filename you liked :slight_smile: That’s a JPG. That isn’t too big. Haha :slight_smile:


That’s great, thanks! Will upload in JPG instead.


oh well, worth a try…giphy


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