Outreach Toolkit - Templates and Tools


These are templates and tools to help with all sorts from planning to evaluation.


Activity Sheet Template.docx (935.7 KB)

Blank PASt Explorers branded sheet for producing colouring sheets, wordsearches etc. etc.


Communications Plan Tool.docx (29.5 KB)

Template and guidance for managing communications during an outreach project (or any project really).


Community Profile Template.docx (937.2 KB)

Tool to help you understand and engage with a target group. Prompts you to think about their needs and motivations. Any contact details collected should be professional, not personal.


Consent Form for Film, Audio and Photography Template.docx (40.7 KB)

This is the form that we use in Central Unit. Your organisation may have their own version which you should use instead.


Evaluation Observation Sheet.docx (939.7 KB)

Template and guidance on how to conduct evaluation by observation.


Event Flyer Template.docx (396.8 KB)

PASt Explorers branded flyer template.


Event Programme Template.docx (492.3 KB)

PASt Explorers branded event programme template.


Feedback Bubbles Template.docx (943.3 KB)

Template for “feedback bubbles” - these are a fun and easy way of getting feedback from people. It simply asks them to write down their feedback in a speech or thought bubble. Good for younger kids.


Feedback Dartboard Template.docx (953.9 KB)

Template for “feedback dartboard”. A slightly more in-depth way for people to rate your outreach activity with answers laid out on a dartboard shape.


Feedback Form Template.docx (957.5 KB)

Standard PASt Explorers branded feedback form. You can adapt it to suit with your own questions.


Local Outreach Profile Template.docx (939.0 KB)

Somewhere to log/list the different groups/organisations that make up your community, whether you currently engage with them or not. Remember not to think of community just in a geographical sense - you’ve got ‘communities of interest’ too. It is worthwhile spending some time breaking your audience down into groups so you can better target your outreach to them.


Outreach Activity Planning Tool.docx (942.1 KB)

Tool and guidance to help you plan out any outreach activity, no matter how small!


Photo, Video and Audio Release Notice Template.docx (15.0 KB)

For large-scale events like conferences where a consent form would be impractical, you can place these notices around to inform people that photography etc. is taking place and that they should speak to you if they don’t want to be recorded.


Poster or Display Panel Template A3 (landscape).docx (1.7 MB)

PASt Explorers branded blank panel/poster with handy tips (A3 landscape)


Poster or Display Panel Template A3 (portrait).docx (1.7 MB)

PASt Explorers branded blank panel/poster with handy tips (A3 portrait)


Research Poster Template.docx (107.2 KB)

PASt Explorers branded research poster template, with tips (A3 landscape)


Resource Sheet Template.docx (935.9 KB)

PASt Explorers branded blank document for writing resources.


Sample Newsletter.pdf (300.2 KB)

A good example of a newsletter, kindly provided by @J.Ahmet.


Session Plan Template.docx (1.2 MB)

Tool for the detailed planning of an outreach session. Includes things like timings - how long you’ll spend on each part etc. Highly recommended for things like school sessions and day-long activities.