Outreach Toolkit - Resources (Activity Library)


These are ready-to-use activities, although you are welcome to tweak them to suit your needs. For example, they can be incorporated into a longer session, or supplemented with follow-on activities.

You can also add your own activities to this topic. It would be great to keep them all in the PASt Explorers livery so don’t forget to use the blank activity and resource sheet templates from the Templates & Tools topic.


Anglo-Saxon Christmas decoration making - can also be adapted into just brooch making for the rest of the year!

Anglo-Saxon Resource Sheet.docx (34.5 KB)
Anglo-Saxon Christmas Decorations.docx (33.3 KB)
Anglo-Saxon Brooch Examples.pdf (3.5 MB)


Design your own Medieval coin.

Design a Medieval Coin.pdf (1.2 MB)


Heraldry activities and information sheets.

Heraldic Charges.pdf (1.6 MB)
Heraldic Colours Matching Game.pdf (203.4 KB)
Instructions For Heraldry Activity.pdf (306.3 KB)
Heraldry Info Sheet.pdf (909.7 KB)
Heraldry Quiz Sheet.pdf (446.4 KB)


Roman coins!

Roman coins information sheet.pdf (134.0 KB)
Coins of Constantine the Great - Amy Downes.doc (1.1 MB)
Design a Roman coin.pdf (1.3 MB)


These activities are about archaeology and the PAS in general.

Object Biographies Comic Strip.docx (76.9 KB)
Peopling the Pot.doc (61 KB)
Finds Recording Sheet.docx (122.2 KB)
Portable Antiquities Scheme Education session.doc (69.5 KB)
Could you be an FLO game.docx (6.8 MB)


Arwen’s “Find the Treasure” game. The examples within are all from Buckinghamshire so you could always substitute with objects from your own county. We are working on a generic version so watch this space!

Arwen’s Is it Treasure Game.pub.pdf (910.8 KB)