Of course this is happening now


When Steven is probably not around to help :frowning:

Just tried uploading some photos but keep getting the message that the image has already been uploaded, although I’ve tried messing about with file names to be 100% certain they are new.

Going to leave it to the morning and hope it goes away, but wondered if anyone else on the late shift is having the same problem?


try ctrl f5 to clear your cache - it sounds like you have tried the usual tricks - do you want to email it over to me at work and I will have a go for you from my acccount?


That’s really kind, I just uploaded another image so I’m not sure what the issue is? Maybe finder emailed photos? I might try and photoshop their images a bit and have another go. Thanks so much though.


No worries - I’m stopping now - but am doing some more tomorrow - so if you need me to have a go - email it over

Night night


@LucySDevon In the past there have been issues with the extension names (eg .jpg, .jpeg) I thought it had been cleared up but it may be a variation on a theme


Still here :slight_smile: Is it still a problem @LucySDevon?

The database does fib sometimes and say something is wrong when it isn’t. An example that comes to mind is (if I recall correctly) when you make a mistake on editing a form, it might say you don’t have permission, when in fact it’s that you entered a comma in a numeric field - that kind of thing.

Anyway, if you try again and have an issue, tell me the filename and the record number, and I can look into it.



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