Not the usual stone enquiry


Finder has been in contact through Instagram and wants to find out what it is and where she can find more information about it. Says it is made of stone. Any ideas and is this something that a FLO would want to see?




I’d suggest probably carved soapstone / steatite and a modern touristy sort of thing from somewhere.


Brilliant, thank you!


If it were bronze then it would fit a later IA fob dangler well - and we have similar triskelle openwork examples on the database

If it were stone - I wonder if it might be something that acts as a model or forma - maybe something that @sworrell might know about?


I am with Peter - I think it’s definitely something for the FLO to see in person


Ooh, ok! Well I’ve not replied to her just yet so I will run it by Sally and see what she says.