Icons not displaying on Forum


Only a minor thing - but is there any reason why some of our icons are not displaying? At the moment I’m just a little black box with a X in the middle as are some of the other users?!



I have noticed this too! It has coincided with me not being able to use ‘where’s the path’ too, so not sure if browser-related, but I don’t think I have an option to change mine…


I’m not sure about this. My icon is there as are many others. Are you referring to your profile picture? Are you able to upload it? Which browser are you using and what version?

Thanks, Steve


I’m getting this too - I can see Steve’s icon but not Katie’s or Susie’s, it’s been happening for a while


I can see that it is actually anyone with a letter for their profile picture. One quick fix should be to upload a picture for your profile but as to why this is suddenly happening, I am not sure. I will create a ticket for it and have a think but it’s a low priority thing since it isn’t affecting any posts etc. Just a bit annoying!


Thank you - I’ve uploaded a picture to get round it - nicer than a black cross :wink:


I suddenly can’t see my icons now @s-moon


It’s probably just that your browser stopped caching the image, then went to the forum to get it, and failed. So nothing really different for you.

Option 1 is to upload an image of your own
Option 2 is to hang on till we see why this has happened but that may be a while at the moment.

Thank you for reporting it tho.


I now know what the issue is. The problem is with a changed IP address by the Discourse people (the ones that designed and created the forum).

The fix should be straight forward but in doing so, I risk losing the forum because it will update the software at the time, so I have to wait till I feel I have the “minerals” for it :slight_smile:

In the meantime, just consider uploading an image.


I can see my icons at home but not at work

FYI @s-moon


I think that is because at home @fbasford , the browser has cached (remembered) your icons. In time, they too will disappear, much like youth, I’m afraid :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info tho Frank - all useful background in case this happens again in future.


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