First PAS @micropasts application


Hi all,

@TeresaGilmore has the first dedicated PAS application for 3D model production on the MicroPasts website. I’d love more, she can tell you more about this if you ask.

Once the images are masked, we’ll process them and then we can embed a downloadable model on the website alongside the record.



62% completed already!

Thanks again to @anon78560318 to helping out with this. I am looking forward to the finished result. In my opinion, I think the 3D models have a lot of potential, especially with Lithic artefacts that you often need to handle to determine angle of flaking etc.

The instructions available on Micropasts on how to take the images were fantastic, so thank you for writing them. Technical Note: SfM Photographic Strategy.

With regards to equipment, as I already have a photographic stand with lights, all I needed was some sheets of white A3 and a cake decorating turntable such as: £8.55

I blutacked a piece of white paper (cut to fit) to the top so it was a smooth surface. I drew a small pencil star at the top. The pencil star is used to line the turntable up with a marked piece of paper underneath it, so between photos, it can turned round either 10 or 20 degrees at a time (blame the scientist in me for being exact about how far it turned each time. It also made it easier for the volunteers). Scraps of plastazote were used to prop up the quartzite as we moved it around.

It did take time to take the photos, although I will admit to taking the first few, showing my volunteers (Helen & Richard that day) what to do and then got them to take the rest. With experience, they would get quicker at it. It does take time to take the images and I would strongly recommend not doing it for all finds that we record, but it is definitely worth bearing in mind for the Finds of Note i.e. Bronze Age finds, Quartzites, unusual roman brooches etc.

The raw images were uploaded as a folder onto Dropbox, which was shared with Dan. He will be able to suggest other methods of file sharing, if you can’t access Dropbox due to Council IT systems.

I might try and get a few more raw 3d images taken in the next couple of weeks when my volunteers are in, depending on how the test run works. I am also considering having a specific volunteer role where all they do is take the raw 3d images for me.


Completed one last night. Quite therapeutic really :slight_smile:


@GarryC Thanks Garry!


The photomasking of the images that @TeresaGilmore provided was completed on Saturday night. We’ll now begin producing the first model.