Filtering more than one finder out of a search


Hey guys
the below will filter one finder out public recording how do i add another finder to the string?
workflow:2 county:Kent institution:PUBLIC -finderID:[insert finderID]


Does -finderID:([finderID1] OR [finderID2]) work?


nope, it is probably in the syntax list but i can’t find it atm

  • If you search for single finder then query should be without square bracket (e.g. -finderID:0013EA161200100F)
  • If you search for more than 1 finder, then the finderIDs’ should be in square bracket (e.g. -finderID:[0013EA161200100F, 0013EA1612001010])

I hope, this is helpful for your search.


adding this into the string didn’t filter out the finder i was tyring to filter out.


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