DB down?


Hey all - The database is down for me - anyone else experiencing problems?


Yes - on and off and slow all day.

But we have a local problem with Internet access at the moment.


think it might be a server issue then :frowning:


When I get to the homepage it seems to be an old version


On and off slow here as well. I’m blaming the weather. It’s on and off sun and rain.


Db has been terrible here all day, very slow/fails to load.


Been struggling with it all day but it’s finally spat me out completely!


Wasn’t sure if it was the database or our new IT service provider here, but yes it’s been really slow. Had issues loading images yesterday too


I emailed @s-moon over lunch as the database didn’t seem happy / well - looks like it has gone away completely now


Very slow here too but I assumed local problems!


I finally gave in and emailed after it crashed out three times while I was trying to add coin data :frowning:


Hi All

I was in a monster-meeting ™ all afternoon so didn’t see the messages and @Minakshi is on holiday this week. Sorry for not responding sooner.

The database seems OK now (not much help for yesterday, I know!) but I will now look into the why if I can. Back soon.



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